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  • Is Lee's a manufacturer or a supplier?

    Lee's Decorative Showcase is a family owned business that was created in 1946 under the name Lee's Upholstering. During the early years, Lee's Upholstering specialized in creating breakfast nooks in the then-booming housing market in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Over the next 25 years, under the guidance of company founder Hymie Levi, we began to branch out into re-upholstery services, as well as opening a retail market which sold basic upholstery supplies and fabrics to the public.

  • How can I get a catalog of the products that Lee's offers?

    You can view our various catalogs right here on our website. By using the dropdown navigation menu at the top of our website's pages, you can view and download digital versions of our different catalogs in *.PDF format.

  • How can I get samples of different nails and furniture legs that Lee's offers?

    To obtain a sample board or catalog of one or all of our various Decorative Nail and Leg collections, simply contact us through one of the avenues provided on the "Contact Us" page of our website, and let us know which collections you would like a sample board/catalog for. There is a small fee for the sample boards themselves, as well as for shipping/handling.